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Online Financial Calculators

Calculate mortgages, loans, investments, retirement plans, and savings with online financial calculators. Accurate results for budgeting, interest rates, compound interest, amortization schedules, and more. Plan your finances effectively with these powerful tools.

Mortgage and Real Estate

Mortgage Calculator

PITI Mortgage Payment Calculator

How much can I borrow?

Mortgage Overpayment Calculator

Piggyback Loan Calculator

Balloon Mortgage Calculator

Graduated Payment Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Home Down Payment Calculator

Mortgage Early Repayment Calculator

Escrow Analysis Calculator

Loan to Value (LTV) Calculator

HELOC Payment Calculator

Business Loan Calculator

Investment Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Simple Interest Calculator

GST Tax Calculator

401(k) Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator

State Pension Age Calculator

Financial Calculator

VAT Calculator

United States Salary Tax Calculator

United States Minimum Wage Calculator

United States (US) Tax Brackets Calculator

UK Tax & NI Calculator

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

Corporation Tax Calculator

Dividend Tax Calculator

Dividends Calculator

Capital Gains Tax Calculator

IRS Interest Calculator

Wage Conversion Calculator

Pay Raise Calculator

Wage Garnishment Calculator

EIC Calculator

Salary Calculator

Savings Calculator

Certificate of Deposit Calculator

Money Market Account Calculator

Present Value Calculator

Future Value Calculator

Sinking Fund Calculator

Money Counter Calculator

Payments Calculator

United States Sales Tax Calculator

Stamp Duty Tax Calculator

Inflation Calculator

Discount Calculator

Profit Calculator

Standard Commission Calculator

Profitability Index Calculator

Simple & Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Annual Growth Rate Calculator

Return on Investment Calculator

Debt to Equity Ratio Calculator

Rule of 72 Calculator

Enterprise Value Calculator

EBITDA Calculator

Price Elasticity of Demand Calculator

Inventory Turnover Calculator

Effective Annual Rate Calculator

Break Even Calculator

Gross Margin Calculator

Return on Invested Capital Calculator

Fisher Equation Calculator

Invoice Calculator

Geometric Average Return (GAR) Calculator

CAPM Calculator

WACC Calculator

Economic Order Quantity Calculator

Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator

Dividend Discount Model Calculator

US T-Bill Calculator

Stock Calculator

Earnings per Share Calculator

Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator

Prorated Rent Calculator

Cap Rate Calculator

Rent Split Calculator

Depreciation Calculators

Car Depreciation Calculator

Annuity Depreciation Calculator

Depreciation Comparison Calculator

Percentage Depreciation Calculator

Straight Line Depreciation Calculator

Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

Car Affordability Calculator

Personal Loan Calculator

Loan Early Repayment Calculator

Car Loan Calculator

Auto Lease Calculator

Equipment Lease Calculator

Logbook Loan Calculator

Debt Snowball Calculator

Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator