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Discover a variety of online calculators for specific needs. Explore mortgage calculators, interest calculators, GPA calculators, calorie calculators, and more. Get accurate results for specialized calculations and make informed decisions. Simplify your tasks with these convenient and user-friendly calculators.

Date and Time

Age Calculator

Birthday Calculator

Everyday Utility

GPA Calculator

Grade Calculator

Freight Class Calculator

Volumetric Weight Calculator

Freight Density Calculator

Wire Gauge

Wire Gauge Size Chart

AWG to mm calculator

SWG to mm conversion

Voltage drop calculator

Lighting calculators

Candela to lumens calculator

Candela to lux calculator

Footcandles to lux calculator

Lumens to candela calculator

Lumens to lux calculator

Lumens to millicandela calculator

Lumens to watts calculator

Lux to candela calculator

Lux to footcandles calculator

Lux to lumens calculator

Lux to watts calculator

Millicandela to lumens calculator

Watts to lumens calculator

Watts to lux calculator

Electrical calculators

Amps to Kilowatts Calculator

Amps to kVA Calculator

Amps to VA calculator

Amps to volts calculator

Amps to Watts Calculator

Electricity Bill Calculator

Energy Consumption Calculator

Energy cost calculator

Electron-volts to volts calculator

Joules to watts calculator

Joules to volts calculator

kVA to amps calculator

kVA to watts calculator

kVA to kW Calculator

kVA to VA calculator

Kilowatts to Amps Calculator

Kilowatts to volts calculator

Kilowatts to kilowatt-hours calculator

Kilowatts to VA calculator

Kilowatts to kVA calculator

Kilowatt-hours to kilowatts calculator

KWh to watts calculator

Ohms Law Calculator

Power Calculator

Power factor calculator

VA to amps calculator

VA to watts calculator

VA to kW calculator

VA to kVA calculator

Voltage Divider Calculator

Volts to amps calculator

Volts to Watts Calculator

Volts to kilowatts calculator

Volts to joules calculator

Volts to electron-volts calculator

Watts-volts-amps-ohms calculator

Watts to Amps Calculator

Watts to joules calculator

Watts to kWh Calculator

Watts to volts calculator

Watts to VA calculator

Watts to kVA calculator

PDF Tools

Image to PDF Converter

Text Tools

Word counter

Character Counter

Line Counter

Word Frequency Counter


Alarm Clock

Phone Call Recorder

Online Camera

Click Counter

Click speed test

Countdown timer

Grocery List

Microphone Test

Online Notes

Password generator


Screen Recorder

Online Screenshot

Speech to text

Text to Speech Reader

To-Do List

Tone generator online

Voice Recorder

Webcam/Camera test online

Ruler (cm/mm) online

Ruler (inches) online

PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Calculator

Flesch Kincaid Calculator

Online Compiler

Compile PHP Online

Compile C# Online

Compile Golang Online

Compile Java Online

Compile Python2 Online

Compile Python3 Online

Compile Ruby Online

Compile Perl Online

Compile Lua Online

Compile Swift Online

Compile Bash Online

Compile Rust Online

Compile VB.NET Online

Compile F# Online

Compile C Online

Compile C++ Online

Compile Pascal Online

Compile Objective-C Online

Compile Haskell Online

Compile Nasm Online

Compile Javascript Online

Compile Lisp Online

Compile Prolog Online

Compile Scala Online

Compile Scheme Online

Compile Node.js Online

Compile Octave Online

Compile D Online

Compile Tcl Online

Compile Ada Online

Compile Erlang Online

Compile Elixir Online

Compile Ocaml Online

Compile Kotlin Online

Compile Fortran Online

Compile Clojure Online